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Isolation by Jack Vanzet


    Isolation by Jack Vanzet

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    brb crying like a baby to Lea Salonga’s version of “On My Own” from Les Mis

    Life is weird moment: I just put disc 1 in my boyfriend’s PS3 a little while ago and am on “take AN EYYYYE FOR AN EYEEEE.” I usually skip this part, though, because I replayed it and sang it in the shower too many times growing up. :D

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  3. We really want to get rid of these [tanks]. We’ve been trying to get the military to take them back since 2004.

    Chelan County Sheriff’s Department’s Undersheriff John Wisemore, as quoted in "Police Want to Get Rid of Their Pentagon-Issued Combat Gear. Here’s Why They Can’t."

    In the past eight years, the Pentagon grant program has loaned local law enforcement some 200,000 ammunition magazines, 94,000 machine guns, and thousands of armored vehicles, aircraft, land mine detectors, silencers, and grenade launchers—all at the request of the local agencies themselves. But images of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, of police in military gear cracking down on peaceful protesters, have turned many communities against a program critics say has eroded the line between police officers and soldiers. […]

    Even before police militarization made the news, hundreds of police departments were finding that grenade launchers, military firearms, and armored vehicles aren’t very useful to community policing. When Chelan County police officers requested one armored car in 2000—the request that landed them three tanks—they pictured a vehicle that could withstand bullets, not land mines. Law enforcement agencies across the country have quietly returned more than 6,000 unwanted or unusable items to the Pentagon in the last 10 years, according to Defense Department data provided toMother Jones by a spokeswoman for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who has spearheaded a Senate investigation of the Pentagon program that is arming local police. Thousands more unwanted items have been transferred to other police departments.

    But some agencies have found the process of getting rid of unwanted military gear next to impossible. Agencies can’t return or trade equipment without Defense Department approval, and because the Pentagon technically still owns the equipment, they can’t sell it.

    According to interviews with state officials running point between the Pentagon and police, the Defense Department prefers to leave equipment in circulation whenever possible. “It’s a low-cost storage method for them,” says Robb Davis, the mayor pro tem of Davis. His town is trying to shake its MRAP. “They’re dumping these vehicles on us and saying, ‘Hey, these are still ours, but you have to maintain them for us.’”

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Fall Foliage
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    Fall Foliage


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  5. I do not use the word home lightly. So when I sigh it into the crook of your neck, believe that your spine is a timber frame, your kiss a welcome mat, and your enveloping arms my front door.
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Siobhan McDonald(Irish)
Pearl Sky    2011
oil on canvas

    Siobhan McDonald(Irish)

    Pearl Sky    2011

    oil on canvas

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    Starting on Monday, thousands of university students in Hong Kong have been gathering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tamar Park (outside the government offices) to protest the National People Congress (NPC) of China’s decision to restrict the right to vote for…

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    A Window or Small Box

    Victo Ngai

    This illustration accompanies short story ” A Window or Small Box” by Jedediah Berry for Tor.com. This fun, trippy and weird novelette is about a couple about to get married who find themselves on the run from “goons” in a magical alternative United States. I really enjoyed the magical quality, colorful visuals and the layers of riddles in the story, which inspired this particular piece. And if it’s not obvious enough, I was also paying tribute to the one and the only Escher. 

    ( I was re-listening to my favorite book LOTR while inking this piece, so the pattern went a bit crazy! )

    You can read the story here

    Big thanks to AD Irene Gallo, always a pleasure. I find my best works are often for clients who trust me and let me go wild.

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